Amine Edge, Gangster DJ from the dance scene, is playing coming sunday at Straf_werk Festival. This time without his fellow mate DANCE. His image as a badboy with guns in pictures and showing off as a gangster, is that really how Amine is? We had a little chat with him to find out!

‘Shit with this fucking interview everyone will finally know that I am a nice guy’

How did you come up with the name Amine Edge?

When I was young my DJ name was awful (I’ll keep it secret, lol) I needed to change it. It was really difficult to pick a new name. At that time it was really cool to have dual name. As a fan of House and Garage I liked the name Kevin Hedge from the band Blaze, so I went for Amine Edge. It’s a fucking scoop as it’s the first time I ever talk about this..

Does this maybe have to do with Straight Edge (hardcore punk movement promoting a strict lifestyle: no smoke, no drugs, no promiscuous sex) Maybe you do not drink alcohol; do not take drugs… although I do not think you’re a prude…?
I have to say I had no idea what is Straight Edge lol. But I do not drink, do not smoke, and do not take drugs, and I’ve never done all of this by the way, I don’t brag about it I just don’t need it and I really don’t give a fuck, but on the other side I’m fucking more than Rocco Siffredi. No joke, everyone got his addiction, for me they’re girls and French fries!!!


How are your relations with the opposite sex anyway? I read that DANCE and you are both single because of your current lifestyle, is it still the case?
This is not really because of our lifestyle, I have plenty of mates who have girlfriends and are faithful for years, when you want you can! I just chose to stay single and focus on my career, and it would be selfish to love just one girl, there are so many girls to love, I love this philosophy, Hug Hefner is my hero.

So no engagements with girls yet, but when are you and D.A.N.C.E. going to announce your engagement?
First of all it is you guys at Straf_Werk who write DANCE’s name with dots (like this D.A.N.C.E.) we gonna kick your ass, it’s DANCE, not D.A.N.C.E.! Have you seen the mistake also made by Heineken on our bottles ? “Armine Edge & D.A.N.C.E.” fuck…
But yes DANCE and me are married for 15 years now!

What do you think of Dutch girls?
Oh man, we need more than a simple interview to explain how much we love Dutch girls.

Where do we find the most beautiful girls out of the Netherlands and where the easiest girls?
It’s hard to answer; they are all different and beautiful in a different way. In Brazil they have the most beautiful body, in Eastern Europe they have the most beautiful faces, Germany, Italy, Lebanon have some beautiful ladies too, in UK they are more sexy dressed ‘cause no one judges no one there, there is no limit… just talkin’ about this make my heart goes boom…
I don’t think there is any place where girls are easier. Unlike to their reputation I don’t think Americans and English ones are the horniest, they love to tease but won’t let you score.
I don’t like to say that girls are easy; it’s discriminating and pejorative. I would say that there are girl who knows what they want and just go for it. I respect it more than the girls who want you and will do nothing cause you’re a “DJ” and therefore judge you and deprive themselves of their own pleasure. Honesty and respect are my Achilles’ heel!

Boobs or butt?
Butt is my passion more than boobs, but I can’t refuse a nice pair of boobs haha, if she has a good butt, boobs is optional for me, but if she has nothing in her brain and she’s boring… Forget about it, sex is not everything!

If you could spend a night with a female DJ, whom would you pick?
I do not know many female DJ, but certainly not one of those who play topless; I think it’s so bad to go so low just to get booked on gigs. I hate them all! A woman who plays well and has a real musical identity would arouse me much more! I cannot name anyone right know I’m working on this!

Have you guys been playing in the US a lot? What’s your favorite spot over there and do you think you could live in the U.S.?
No, actually we only did one tour in March. We’ll be back for a few single dates such as Hard Fest in Los Angeles in November, in Toronto to play at DJ Sneak birthday party, and in January at Holy Ship in Miami. I don’t want to offend anyone, don’t get me wrong, but I think the USA are the worst territory for European DJs. It’s long, hard, very badly paid and the audience is poorly receptive. I had to refuse three American tours already. I am still waiting for a good and serious offer for a nice US tour.


I guess you’re living out of a suitcase right now as you’re touring a lot, but where is your home? Are you living in France still?
Yes in Marseille, very very difficult for me to go away from my roots, even though I think London or Brussels would be great places for me to live in.

What’s the best place to party in Marseilles?
Spartacus Club niggaaaaaaaaaa

More than 34K likes on FB, more than 10K followers on Instagram. You’re a social media star. What’s your secret? Do you manage your image yourself or is it taken care off by an agent?
I manage my image myself, an agent / manager would not be able to write as much bullshit as I do, it’s impossible, and I love the direct contact with my audience, the human side is important. I would say that the work pays off!

What’s the worst punishment you ever got in school?
Hum I definitely think the worst is to write several lines like: you must write 500 times: “I will never touch again the boobs of my teacher”

Bad boy already at that time! Profile pictures with firearms, suggestive biography on instagram” I always fly with my gun just in case”… Have you ever taken shooting lessons? Or is that it’s just the Gangsta delirium?
It’s a delirium, I have no real weapons and hate violence … shit with this fucking interview everyone will finally know that I am a nice guy…! Gangsta is a word that should be redefined I think.

Do you also wear hats at night?
Hats are a part of us, we never leave hats, we take shower with hats.

What is the first vinyl you ever bought? And the first one someone ever offered you?
I think it is the Armand Van Helden remix of CJ Bolland “Sugar is sweeter.” The first one I was offered is a New Jersey Deep Vinyl.

Did you also have the typical 80’s orange slot-in record player or you had turntables straight away?
Mk2 directly, thank you mom

What’s your favourite track?
Philadelphia International All Stars – Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto

How far are you in the preparation of your first album? Will it be released before the end of the year?
The album is no more in the pipeline, we’ll see.

What does STRAF_WERK mean to you?
Come on dude we played for them something like 5 times, it’s a trick question to see if we really know it hahah!
It’s a word to describes punishment in school… The name gives us bad memories.

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11th of August | Sportpark Riekerhaven Amsterdam | Straf_werk Festival | Tickets