Few can say they have seen Berlin grow into the techno mecca it is today from behind the decks, but André Galluzzi is one of those who can, having held or currently holding residencies at the famed Tresor, Berghain, and even its predecessor Ostgut. Galluzzi’s first opportunity in DJing at a club was in his hometown of Frankfurt. While working behind the bar, one of the DJs fell ill and a slot opened up for the night. Galluzzi grabbed the bull by its horns and made it an experience that would change his life.

Soon after, working for record distributor Neutron, Galluzzi would move to Berlin in order to attend to his handful of residencies; first purely a DJ, but steadily paving the way toward music production. Together with Guido Schneider, he released various tracks on Cadenza, Berlins very own Highgrade, and Sven Väth’s equally legendary Cocoon Recordings. 

André Galluzzi is one of the many excellent artists on the bill of the 2015 Free Your Mind Festival, and, luckily, had some time in his busy touring schedule to have a chat with us about new releases, his own label ARAS, and the ever changing landscape of club music.

“Your own local scene is very essential. I think the internet is an important cyber world outside of your local scene. It’s nice to share information and social content, but social interaction in real life can never be replaced by the internet.”

You’ve been successful in solely relying on your skill as a DJ, releasing the first Berghain mix CD and one for Cocoon, what was the initial reason that got you into producing?
When I was a kid, I was a drummer in a band. So I have always been busy with performing, always have something to show or to tell. I want to spread my message, in form of my own music.

Alcatraz is the name of your LP, in what way was the prison island an inspiration for it?
In fact, the mentioned island got its name from the beautiful Pelican bird (Alcatraz means Pelican in Spanish). It’s somewhat of a symbol for freedom. You see ,we always end up with using birds at ARAS haha.

You tend to collaborate with someone on productions but for your LP you went completely solo, what was the reason behind that?
Yes this is my solo debut after many years. Working with others also means you have to decide things together. It has always been on my mind to create a full album without any compromise.

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Are you planning on releasing more solo productions, if so could you tell us something about it?
Absolutely! But that is planned for later this year along with loads of other tracks on different labels. I’ve got a brand new track out on Cocoon called ‘Mario’, along with Guido Schneider.