Chasing Kurt is a project which originated in Gießen / Germany – a collaboration between Pascal Blanché, Wojtek Kutschke and Lukas Poloczek. Pascal and Wojtek, both Deep House lovers for many years, started doing their first tracks, but were still in need of those vocal hooks that would finish their sound. Wojtek, himself a DJ for a long time, one day played in his hometown – at the same time Lukas worked at a bar in this location and after Wojteks set he was singing some phrases while closing the bar – Wojtek heard his voice and asked Lukas if he would like to jam together. The track “Daydream“ was the result of their first improvised jam session in Pascals small home studio. The Kurts were overwhelmed and soon found Chasing Kurt was complete. The boys have done work for labels such as Defected, Life and Death, Suol, K7, City Life or Stil Vor Talent. For our Deep House Amsterdam tour we have invited the Chasing Kurt to come and play at our first two event, in Amsterdam and Utrecht. So we decided to get to know the Kurts a bit better.

How come you guys are calling yourselves Chasing Kurt?
The first two letters of the first producer’s name is “Ku” and the last two letters of the second producer’s name is “rt” literally form Kurt. We consider Kurt a fictional character representing our ideals, dreams and visions.

And who is Chasing this fictional character then?
Kurt is on the chase: for new ideas, dreams, the beautiful side of Life. It’s a basis to  create new songs.

Having one fixed singer in the group is pretty uncommon in the house scene. How do you guys feel having Lukas on board has affected your sound?
Yes, this is really uncommon and we get a lot of requests for collaborations with Lukas. People seem to not fully grasp our concept yet. It’s a great pleasure to work with him as “the one and only” singer. It allows us to create a band feeling rather than just another project. We like the strong connections between the three of us. It gives the music a lot of energy.

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How do you go about composing new tracks? Who is responsible for what?
Wojtek and Pascal are the ones for the production. Most of the time Pascal composes the first sketches at home or in the studio on which we build up the songs. In the studio Wojtek and Pascal are also trying to jam around and create something new, while always having Lukas’ voice in mind and how it could sound in combination. Most of the time Lukas gets a song from us that is quite ready to add vocals to.

Suol Music has verbalized your sound as “warm, velveteen house music awash with soulful pop sentiment”. How would you describe it?
Pretty good description! It´s always difficult to describe his own music style. For us it’s what we love and feel. We’re always in search of a new kind of music, while staying true to our roots. It’s a kind of exploration in which we don’t know exactly where the journey will take us.

The last time you guys gave Amsterdam a visit, you were playing at Studio 80 during the Amsterdam Dance Event. How did you enjoy the Dutch audience, and the Amsterdam experience?
It was pretty cool! A whole city full of international DJs and parties has been a great experience. The crowd was on fire! We love to play in Amsterdam and are really looking forward to our second time in the Netherlands!

chasing kurt

What kind of musical surprises do you have in store for us to celebrate our two-year anniversary?
Our beautiful liveset – celebrated by the one and only Lukas Love!

Anything else you will be chasing while in Amsterdam and Utrecht the day after?
Some vla and Boerenkool stamppot met Rookworst. Maybe we could chase Geert Wilders to tell him to take aim at his own psychological complex.

Or maybe just throw some vla in his face? When traveling with the three of you, there must be someone that is a little more lazy than the other two. How do you make sure the three of you are always on time?
We take care of each other. If someone might forget something – we remind him in time. It’s kind of a structured chaos.

[youtube id=”P2cYeOnAnXA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Did it ever go wrong?
Nearly… but in the end nothing ever went really wrong!

And is it more fun to do this with 3 people than it is on your own?

What can we expect from you guys in the coming year?
Some EPs and we´re working on our second album.

chasing kurt

Which artist is the biggest example for you guys?
I think there are a lot. Mario Basanov is one of the biggest artists doing electronic music right now. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jamie Woon, Drake, James Blake, Anthony David, D`Angelo, Henrik Schwarz, Lovebirds, John Talabot and many many more..

 That’s a diverse list. We’re looking forward to your performances guys. See you Friday!

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