“I want my listeners and the crowds I play for to feel something.”

Finnebassen is one of the perfect examples that any bedroom producer can climb onto the dance music scene and preserve a status quo. Ever since his release “If You Only Knew” on ElectroniqueUK back in spring 2012, Finnebassen acclaimed the international attention as the track climbed the tops and charts for the entire summer. Soon enough the Norwegian’s sound absorbed the ears of labels like Noir Music, Defected, Get Physical Music, Culprit, Supernature or Poesie Music. Even the white Isle of Ibiza got mesmerized by his sound as he featured on party onto clubs like Sankeys or Boom Ibiza. His melancholic yet uprising sound melds onto the dance floor like hand in a glove and there’s a lot more to expect from the young producer.

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?

I think that must be the live set I did in Oslo for Musicfest Oslo. It was a gig I did for free (that’s the concept behind Musicfest Oslo. Everyone plays for free), but put a lot of effort into the live set and played the guitar for the first time ever on stage in front of a 1000 people. I had not played live in almost a year so I was very nervous. It was an incredible rush. The gig went very well so it was an amazing feeling.

You’re championed as a deep melodic house producer, what does that mean exactly? Sonically, what turns you on?

Well I don’t feel that’s an accurate description of my music anymore. (Its actually… dirty melancholic house.Haha…) It was in the beginning I guess… but as you evolve as a producer and DJ you get different influences. But I guess it means bass heavy melancholic music. I tend to use ambient stabs which makes for this… I don’t know… dreamy feeling. And I hate this EDM crap where its all about making as much noise as possible. I want my listeners and the crowds I play for to feel something. If I accomplish that, then I have done my job. When I hear my fav djs play I am always filled with emotion. I guess that is what turns me on and what I want to accomplish myself.

How much does being Norwegian influence your sound? Or are you more turned on by classic house, music from other countries etc?

I learned about clubbing in Norway. My first experiences with house and techno was in Norway. So it definitely has influenced me in a lot of different ways. Probably on an unconscious, and conscious level. There are a lot of DJ’s here that I draw inspiration from. My favourite DJ’s in Oslo are very focused when they play. They look like they are paying attention to what they are doing. Like they take their job seriously. This is something I do as well. People in clubs always ask me to smile. They think I’m angry or upset. Hahaha. I’m not. Just very focused on what I am doing. Regarding what I’m turned on by….. I have to say music in general. There is so much beautiful music out there that never see the inside of a club. But is well worth listening to.

Tell us about your latest tune Villa – what inspired that, how has it gone down in clubs etc?

I was in Ibiza last summer I had heard a lot of amazing music and one day I just decided to make some music. Villa and blå, my ep on Poesie music, was the result of that little sit down. I haven’t really played it that much because I feel its more of a track to listen to by yourself than in a club. I might be wrong. But I think its nice piece of music.

What do you make of Ibiza as it is now? Do you see it as somewhere vital to play every summer?

Well… Ibiza is such a weird place. Its all about money. So from one summer to the next you can be playing somewhere and everything is all good, then all of a sudden you are out in the cold. I love playing there and I love living there because you have the option to experience amazing music almost every day.  The crowds there are also incredible. However it’s a little world all on its own. You are there and forget that the rest of the world is happy. I guess it’s a love hate thing. I think its important to have exposure there in some way over a summer. But a residency is not vital.

Do you play any different there from everywhere everywhere else?

Not at all different. But there are some factors that makes your mindset different as a performing DJ. As I said above. The crowds. Something happens when you land in Ibiza. You are just In a party mood immediately. So I guess people have a different mindset going to clubs there. The crowd is always super responsive and give you feedback all the time. Which is what you dream of a as DJ. An enthusiastic crowd. However there are some clubs out there that are just as good or even better than the clubs in Ibiza.

When did you join the Underground agency and what’s it like being part of that team?

I joined with the Underground agency in 2012. Kal my manager/agent is an amazing guy. Almost all the promoters I talk to say that he is one of the best agents they have ever worked with. Another key thing about the Underground is that all of us were nothing when we signed on. Kal signs talents and make them into artists. So we all have the same background. This is a very cool thing in my opinion.

How important is it for up and comers to have an agency like that working on their behalf you think?

It’s crucial. If you don’t have someone that knows the industry behind you, you will never get anywhere.

And what did you look for in your agency before you signed up?

I didn’t know what to look for. I was a bedroom producer. To be honest Kal was the most professional guy out of all the people who approached me. I just wanted someone who wouldn’t take advantage of me.

Finnebassen - deep house amsterdam skinny

Do you prefer playing festivals or clubs more? 

Difficult question. They both have their pros and cons. But if I have to pick one it would have to be clubs. We don’t have a big festival culture in Norway so my first experiences with clubbing was in, guess what, a club. It’s what i fell in love with. Yet I have some amazing memories from festivals. As I said it’s a tough one…. 

You’ve been playing for Straf_werk for quite a few times and again on August 23rd you will be playing at their Festival. How is you relation with them?

I’d say they are as close as you can get to perfect hosts… they feel more like friends than someone you have a work relationship with. at the same time they are 100% professional. The balance act between those two are very important when you work together and they do it in very very good way. It’s high fives and hugs all around. They have made Amsterdam one of my favorite places to play. 

If you are in Amsterdam, what is your favorite activity outside the parties?

I actually haven’t gotten to see a lot of Amsterdam since i almost always live at the airport, but I have gone shopping in the city and eaten there a couple of times. It’s a lovely place and I have gotten lost there a shitloads of times. If I didn’t have google maps on my phone I would probably still be there trying to find my way out.

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