On the 8th of February ‘We Are E‘ celebrated their 4 Year Anniversary with the Spanish duo ‘Los Suruba‘ headlining the party in Studio 80. We had the honor to do an interview with the guys. For this evening we plannend to have a video recording of the interview and tried it for 1,2,3 or maybe even 10 times.. but the filmmaker from Red Bull didn’t succeed to record it. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun with the guys during these unsuccessful attempts and it still resulted in a cool interview. When doing research on these guys I found out that Suruba has 2 very particular meanings, which I asked them about immediately.

– Guys, in your artist name, Los Suruba, ‘Suruba’ has 2 meanings. In portuguese it means an orgy or a party where you cant stop dancing. What would you guys choose if you had to?
First a party where the people cant stop dancing and finish with an orgy hahahahahah

– Nice one! I definitely support that thought! Besides doing all these parties and orgies together (just kidding) you both separately worked as producers and DJ’s. You guys met at school, studying design. When did you teamed up for Los Suruba and what was the motivation for you guys being a duo?
Well Delmar is spinning records since he was 17th years old, he played in a lot of clubs in Madrid before we meet up at design school. We started making parties together when we finished the school, but at the beginning we played separately. We founded Suruba imprint on April 2007 and the people started to call us “Los Suruba” because the name of the label and the parties. We didn’t plan to play and make music together.. It happened.

– And who is your biggest inspiration?
At the moment serious producers like Guy Gerber and the guys from Life and Death crew. (Tale of Us, Mind Against) Besides those guys as well Daft Punk…mixed with some painters and fashion designers.

– You guys have Suruba, Suruba D and Suruba X, what is the reason for 3 subdivisions and on which one is the main focus at the moment?
We have also Playa, our organic label but the main focus at the moment are Suruba and Suruba X, its a nice combination, Suruba is more fresh and happy label and Suruba X is more dark and “serious”.

– Who can we expect coming up on one of those 2 labels? I heard Atapy and Louisahhh will be on there soon.
Yes we have lot of stuff in the pipeline. Works from artists like Tigerskin, Balcazar & Sordo, Lopazz, Anime Edge & Dance, AFFKT, Jorge Takei, Minz, Carlos Sanchez, indeed Atapy feat. Louisahhh! and some more big names that we can´t reveal….hehe

– Cool! Some good stuff coming up! Talking about all these great artist I see you guys work a lot with Edu Imbernon. How is the collaboration with him and where did that start?
Edu is a very good friend of us for a while, we lived together last summer in Ibiza for 5 months…we always enjoy working together. All the time we are making jokes and its very funny! He is a really talented artist and he loves our ideas too. We think that when we work together the combination of us together rings a certain chemistry. Next month we will release an EP of two bomb tracks along Edu Imbernon on Culprit, we are so excited!

– Yes you played it tonight and indeed it is a bomb release! Next to Edu Imbernon, with which artist would you guys like to work in the near future?
For us it will be a dream work with Guy Gerber.

– What do you guys specifically like about Guy Gerber?
Because he is a our favorite producer. He is a special man, his live act is amazing and his tracks are very unique.

– Fair enough! What music do you guys like beside the music you guys play yourself? And when do you listen to this kind of music?

Alvaro: Most of the time we are listening electronic music, lot of styles but electronic. But we like all the good music: rock, hiphop…

Delmar: I like all kind of good music, im a music lover. I have other project called Kidult, where i mix all kind of music, i call it  “Allmix” you can check my last dj mix here.

– How do you guys see the house scene nowadays with more and more organisations popping up and more labels entering the market?
The scene is getting bigger and stronger, more and more people working on it with labels, festivals, different projects, which is cool but at the same time there are a lot of labels and promoters only focussing on making top 10 hits at Beatport and money. Lets just see what will happen.

– So you guys have a label, a dj career and clothing line.. What is next..?

Alvaro: Not sure, maybe a 4X4 for our house in Ibiza 😀

Delmar: A residency in a nice club in Ibiza!

– Craziest and most memorable gig in your career?
For sure our first gig at Goa, Madrid. The biggest party in Spain, a monthly Sunday day time party. More than 10.000 people dancing!  We played from 17 to 21h…was awesome!

– So after 10 years, Los Suruba is?
A party where you can stop dancing and afterwards….an Orgy….! Hahahahhah! 😀