Exclusive Interview With Maribou State

Most recently you announced another single from the forthcoming ‘Portraits’ LP, The Clown featuring Pedestrian. Why did you choose Pedestrian to share the experience of a debut album with?
We became friends only a couple of years ago but since then have always worked closely together. He’s become our third pair of ears and we both help each other out with music wherever possible, so it only seemed right to keep him involved with the writing of the LP. Musically we share a lot of influences and we learn a lot from one another, so it’s always fun to come together in the studio.

The name ‘Portraits’ gives us a lot to think about. Does the album portray your personalities or is the idea is rooted somewhere else?
As this is our first full-length release, the name ‘Portraits’ came from the idea that this LP shows our influences (both musically and non-musically), development and growth as songwriters and as people. It’s kind of a representation of events, experiences and memories we’ve created over the years and in ways yes, a portrait of our personalities.

Just a week after the official release, you are going to play one of the biggest festivals in Holland, Amsterdam Open Air. Can we expect to hear more of the album then?
We always like to try and play as much of our own music in our DJ sets as possible. It’s no secret that a lot of the music we make isn’t completely suited for the dancefloor but we love to create edits of our own music, making them more suitable to play out. We’ve already done this with a couple of bits from the LP, so there are likely to be some unheard bits being played. Plus we have some new remixes and other exclusive bits to share with people.

Have you played Open Air before? What are your impressions and/or expectations for the event?
Yeah we played a DJ set at the festival last year. The weather was amazing and the crowd was really digging it. It was a lot of fun. Plus we were given a box of Maribou State branded beer from Heineken; so all in all it was a good day!

Do you have any particular Amsterdam related memories you are willing to share?
We always have a lot of fun when we come over to Amsterdam; it’s a beautiful city with a lot going on. We’ve been fortunate enough to visit quite a few times now, so of course there’s been a lot memories created. Perhaps we’ll share those memories another time…

What are your thoughts on Ibiza? Do you like going there? Is it going to be part of your summer tour dates for this year?
Yeah, again, it’s always a lot of fun to visit the island, and again we’ve been lucky enough to go over quite a lot. The music scene on the island isn’t exactly up our street but we always manage to find something fun to get stuck into. It’s most definitely going to be part of our touring schedule this summer.

In July you are going to present your live show in Germany. How does the live version differ from the rest of your shows? Will it include live vocals?
The live show is completely different from our DJ sets. We have a 4 piece live band playing all original music, old and new. It’s a really exciting project for us at the moment as it gives us a chance to present our music to people in the way that we feel is best suited. Between the four of us there’s live vocals, drums, guitar etc. it’s completely live and something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.

How do you chill after a heavy touring schedule?
After a big sleep, we usually try and get out and exercise. It’s really good for jetlag. Keeping in a routine is really important for us too, so recovery from a tour is usually to get back into the swing of normal life as soon as possible. A big feed with friends or family is always on the cards too.

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