So we know that Solomun is the label boss of Diynamic and started it in 2006 together with his friend Adriano. The label has grown to 13 artist now and one of those is our own dutch Karmon. Solomun won the Ibiza EDM Award for best producer last year and is mostly influenced by Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and Disco. but WHO is Mladen Solomun actually..?

“I don’t need no specific champagne brand, white flowers or special water from Nepal to feel comfortable.”

We asked him about his new residency at Pacha, his special relation with Warung and Holland and his upcoming gig at Xtrema Outdoor on July 13th in Eindhoven. Also we were wondering what his favorite color is..

What place on earth feels most like coming home besides your home in Hamburg?
At the moment I have to confess that at the moment it’s Ibiza because I spend quite a few time there this summer.

But when we talk about home and speaking of Hamburg, what is you favorite spot in Hamburg besides EGO and your own place?
I love the port, the big ships, the wideness …

Next to the Diynamic return to Sankeys you also have your own residency in Pacha for this summer with 19! editions. Solomun + 1 with some interesting names, DJ Hell, Roisin Murphy, Tensnake, Miss Kittin, Ame and Nick Curly to name a few. What do these artists mean to you?
These amazing artists all have one thing in common: I know, appreciate and respect them for quite a long time. And so it was for me quite obvious to ask them for joining me with my first own residency on Ibiza.


The first edition was with Ame and must have been a special moment for you, how was your experience on that night?
Of course I was nervous before our Opening party and I was really relieved when I saw that everything worked out well.

When thinking of Pacha at first I think of David Guetta and names like that. Did you ever expect to have your own residency at Pacha and how did it come around?
I had a lot of offers and finally we decided to make another night besides the Dynamic Neon Nights. And than, one fine day in the bathroom I had the idea for Solomun+1: The concept is already explained by the name: Solomun +1. And the main thing about Solomun+1 is: only two artists taking care of the night. Cause I know it from my side: The longer I play the bigger is my chance to create something special, a special atmosphere. And that’s the reason why only me and one outstanding artist will play the whole night – and will end back to back.

On the 4th of August you invited Brazil’s Warung Beach Club. This place seems to have a magical vibe over it. What does Warung mean to you and Brazil in general ?
For Warung Beach Club I made the only exception of my concept by inviting not a single artist but a club. But as Warung Beach Club is one of my favourite 3 clubs in the world I didn’t hesitate when I got that idea. And I’m planning a tour to Brazil after the Ibiza season, so it’s gonna be around November. And honestly I can’t wait to be back in Brazil cause you know I’m playing there since lots of years, and meanwhile I feel like home there. It’s the people I think that make Brazil so special to me.


One of the gigs you had there was Warung’s 10th birthday and their after party. We heard that was a special one, could you tell us something about that night?
I’ll tell you something: The whole 10 years Birthday party at Warung Beach Club came as close to perfection as it could be. The line-up, the people, the vibe … and of course the after-party … it’s hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there, so I will not try it. But it was mind-blowing, this I can tell.

Also your relation with the Netherlands is a special one. A Diynamic only festival in Amsterdam together with Studio 80 in May as the first of its kind and numerous diynamic events before that as well. Next to playing here often what have you really seen from our country and what is something you still haven’t checked out yet but is on the list?
If I had a list, it would be a long one meanwhile. Cause the only problem with my job is, that I hardly find time to see things outside the partys I play. But last October I had one evening off and had a nice walk through Amsterdam. For one fine day I was at the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, together with Jaap and Sebastian, our friends and partners from Studio 80.

Well on the 13th of July you will play in the Netherlands again so maybe a little time to check something out! This gig on the 13th in Eindhoven called Xtrema Outdoor is one with many faces, what do you think about the line up?
The variety is wide-spread, so there is something for every taste. I’m looking forward to meet my friend Ame and of course my very appreciated label-mates from Kollektiv Turmstraße.

Your latest EP Yes, No, Maybe seems to show that there is a slight change in your sound going on. A little more techno then it was before. Do you feel that Diynamic will take another direction coming year?
I am not afraid of trying things out, but to mention a change of sound would go too far. And regarding Diynamic: Our musical profile already is very open minded so there is no need for a change.

Which record have you caught yourself playing often lately which maybe was even a pleasant surprise to yourself?
Dale Howard – Bubbzz on Love Not Money.
this track was already released last year, I discovered it new this year, a super summer vibe track, always brings good atmosphere.

In another interview there was a question about what labels you like beside Diynamic and 2diy4 and which artist you think is set for good things coming year. You left it open and would come back on it later. Now we are wondering what the answer would be at this moment.
At the moment I am very surprised what’s going on at “Minus”, cause I like lots of their recent releases. They stayed true to their techno-core but somehow have more groove and more melody, really great!

When being such a close family with all the Diynamic members you get to know each other really well. Who would you say is the most stubborn artist and who would be the fun maker in the group..?
I guess everyone of us is stubborn, e.g. when I met Stimming he was very stubborn, even more stubborn than me Iguess. But there ain’t no bad thing about it in my view cause as an artist you always have to know exactly what you want and for sure you have to be stubborn sometimes.
And answering the fun maker part: If you ask me I would always say that I am most fun, no just kidding, I think honestly DJ Phono is the one with the most typical Hamburgian deadpan sense of humour.

In a familiar situation there is always a good evening meal or a good lunch. Who prepares the meals in the diynamic family?
My friend H.O.S.H. is a really good cook, but even David August, our half-Italian friend surprised us with a really tasteful Risotto when we were together in Miami.

Mladen Solomun

In a family you interact with each other just like you do with you crowd but in a differentway. We also like to interact with our audience and asked what they would ask you, if they could interview you. We chose the best three:

Not too long ago you were more of an underground dj and after the around remix it all went very fast. Do you enjoy it more now getting so much appreciation?
For me the last year went very, very fast. And almost everything I did worked out: all the Remixes, the 5 year compilation of Diynamic, the Watergate CD, my track “Kackvogel” … … And though I surely enjoy all the great things happening right now I wish sometimes tohave a little more time to realize what’s happening.

What can we expect on your rider when booking you?
Sorry if I disappoint anyone but basically it’s 3 CDJs, a 2000 Pioneer Mixer and a late check-out at the Hotel. I don’t need no specific champagne brand, white flowers or special water from Nepal to feel comfortable. That’s the reason why I don’t have a hospitality rider.

One request we had to laugh about was the question about your favorite color. One of the lame questions normally but maybe that is why I liked it. So what is your favorite color and does that have a special reason?
Nobody ever asked me about my favourite colour. Finally! And here’s the answer: I kind a like blue. Without any special reason. I just like it.

If you want to see Solomun this summer come check him out in either Pacha, Ibiza at his weekly residency every Sunday or at Xtrema Outdoor on july 13th in Eindhoven. You can also find him on Welcome To The Future Festival on July 27th in Amsterdam.