Thyladomid is a German producer and DJ. He was born in Cologne into a musical family and began learning piano at the age of 5. His first impressions of club culture started in 2006, however, when he had the opportunity to accompany a well-known DJ at the time. Immediately infected, he decided to invest all the money he managed to earn into buying production equipment.

All his time and energy went into producing electronic music and, within a short period, achieved a professional level. In 2007 the project “Thyladomid” was born and in the same year Charles Thiemann alias “Thyladomid” had his first digital release and made his first DJ appearance in a club in Neuss. Since then the name “Thyladomid” became widely known in the region. The experience gathered in various gigs at home and abroad broadened his spectrum in the electronic music scene.

As his catalog expanded so did his gig schedule, which started to bring him to places across the world – South Africa, Lebanon and Mexico, while also playing some of the more prominent clubs throughout Europe. On March 30th he’ll drop his full-length ‘Interstellar Destiny’ on Diynamic, which will coincide with a world tour. For the occasion we shot some interstellar questions of our own towards the budding talent, which led to some pretty philosophical answers.

Kölle Alaaf! Have you survived Carneval?
Haha yes I have. Actually I try to escape Carneval every year. There is just too much going on here at this special time. But this will be no longer of my concern, because I just moved to Berlin.

Let’s talk about you and your music. First of all, Thyladomid, not the easiest of names. How did you come up with it?
Well, I was 18 years old when I came up with this special name. It’s actually easy to spell when you get used to it. The name has no special meaning actually. It was just an idea I came up with and now it’s my artist name for 8 years. But yeah, it has no special meaning really.

Your new album is due March 30. Can you give us a hint of what we can expect?
The album features a lot of quiet, non-club music with a fragile nature of sounds. My main inspiration was film music. I tried to do something different to all this club sound. I wanted to create music everybody can listen to and maybe think about music and its nature in general. I’m very happy with the result and I hope the people will like it.

Around the release you’ll be performing in your home country a lot. At big clubs like Watergate, but also at smaller venues, for example Weidendamm in Hannover and Brain in Braunschweig. Does the setting influence your way of playing?
Yes, the setting always influences the way I perform. Everybody expects something different from what I play. But in general I try to satisfy everybody and try to create a journey everybody can follow, even reaching people who are not really into that kind of music. And of course, all of the venues are different, even within itself. If you take Watergate for example: it can be very diverse, depending on the time you play and of course the floor. So you always have to be prepared and see which sounds bring the best results to create a good vibe.

Is it easier or harder to prove yourself as a DJ in smaller towns compared to cities known for their dance culture like Berlin, Amsterdam and London?
I think there are no general rules about it. But I tend to think that people in big dance culture cities like Berlin or Amsterdam are slightly harder to convince because there is so much going on in these cities. So they are quite spoiled I guess. But there are also counterexamples of course. It always depends on the event and time you are playing. That can be the general rule.

Do you have a say in the places/venues you pick to play, or does the Diynamic management arrange this all?
Yes I have the possibility to say that I want to play more in venues I really love. It depends on the demand of course but in general I can choose the venues I want to play at.

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Talking about Diynamic. Why does this label suit you?
Diynamic is a family structured agency and label. Since my beginning I joined a family, working together for a higher level goal. Taking care of others and reaching common goals is the most effective way to experience this business. And that’s why I’m totally into working with all these talented and different artist for the same thing. From friends for friends. I can not imagine it in a different way actually.