This film is an artistic collaboration between Anton Dhouran and two directors. The short film is a soft, yet apocalyptic ballad on the planet earth, viewed through the empty eyes of teenagers alone in the world. The 3-minute artistic film shows the indifference in which human beings consciously watch the destruction of their own planet.

This project required both freshness and technical experience, which is behind the association between Anton Dhouran, a 23-year-old composer, Pascal Dash, an experienced director and Emma D’hoeraene, a young director Of 24 years, and features the powerful vocals of British singer/songwriter Ed Begley.

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The primary challenge was to make an apocalyptic film, with an international image quality, and within a self-financed budget, thanks to the mix of techniques that current production and post-production tools allow.

Photo and shots from all around the world, drone shots in Africa, a studio shooting in Paris, NASA footage, 3D and VFX rushes have been reworked and assembled by Saint Louis, one of the best in French postproduction!

The artistic ambition of this project has made many talents willing to join and support. A high-level team of film, photo, music, advertising, post-production partners and the usual teams of the two directors has created a formidable amalgam between two Generations of artists, technicians and producers.

“The Myth of Tarae” is available 8 December on Chapter 24 Records PRE ORDER

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