Going down 2-4 June, at De Plas in Houthalen-Helchteren, Extrema Outdoor Belgium has adopted global warming as its central theme for 2017.

The entire festival production will be a contemporary industrialized and overpopulated city with slums, and a post apocalyptic desert, reminiscent of a world trajectory determined by anti scientists and false news purveyors. Separated along 3 areas, visitors will see, feel and taste the evolution and consequence of climate change while walking from one side to another over the festival grounds – beginning in a carefree existence with healthy food, fresh air and wide green spaces before moving onto an overpopulated city with pollution, industry and overconsumption, wrapping in the dystopian image of our impending world: an apocalyptic desert with almost no natural resources left and camps made out of scraps and waste.

Born out of the Extrema’s team commitment to sustainability, this festival edition will bring activism outside of the personal space to “practice what you preach,” alongside the local city council. On the event, the mayor of Houthalen – Helchteren, Alain Yzermans states:

“As mayor I am very proud that Extrema Outdoor Belgium decided to go for this direction of sustainability. Together with our city partners of Greenville and the local government, this festival will become a true ambassador for an ecological approach when it comes to organising an event like this”

Amongst the theme, 120 of the world’s best artists will perform alongside a variety of creative activities for all. Make sure you get those tickets at the link below and join the resistance…it’s your world too!


2-4 Juune | Extrema Outdoor 2017 | Tickets | Houthalen – Helchteren