Known for injecting an overall ethnic, acoustic and organic vibe to electronic music, Stavroz has been on our rader here at DHA for some time now.

An Amsterdam favorite, having played at multiple The Gardens of Babylon events, this Belgian collective has delivered music for the likes of Kindisch, Laut & Luise, Delicieuse, Bedrock and their own label Moodfamily, on which their latest release “Gold Town” oozes with drama, melancholy and determination..

Wether its one of their unique live or DJ sets, Stavroz manages to create a wholesome, comforting soundtrack for a place, which no words can describe. Soon, they will join us, and a host of others including our friend Unders, in Sousse, Tunisia, for Fairground Festival. Anticipating that one of a kind experience event for world electronic music, Stavroz has put together thiss world traveling DJ Set for us. Enjoy!

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14 – 15 July | Fairground Festival 2017 | Tickets | Sousse, Tunisia