Extrema Noir, a festival that pledging for giving the stage to the young upcoming talents, decides to do sensitise festival goers with free tickets on the intoxicated driving issue.

A festival in Belgium, Extrema Noir, the Extrema the indoor sister event of Outdoor Festival claim its a move to raise awareness among young people during the Christmas period, the danger of drinking and driving. Thereby, the organisation decided to offer a free entrance ticket for the drivers in a group of 4 friends, who are committed to do a test while exiting the festival. The tests are not mandatory, and it comes with additional preps, such as special parking right outside the entrance. The organizer Ugur Akkus, was saying to the press:

“We in Extrema have been working to support the safe nightlife policy through our events for years. To sensitize visitors about drug use, hearing loss, dehydration and unsafe sex, but with this action we are going one step further,”

Taken into account the “no big shows, no big headliners” pledge, in order to collect music lovers, not the drunk crowds, the festival proposition does make sense. Thereby, it could be a conscious move towards a more conscious electronic music experience.

“We are very selective in picking the line up for this event, we only choose those artists and producers that we think are suitable for the concept, no matter how much they are known to the public.”

Indeed festival comes with a line-up worthy of connoisseurs –  Mihalis Safras, Kapibara, Abdulla Rashim and Fur Coat – among some we’d recommend to check out, plus indeed, the festival does practice what they preach and not have big names, however the ticket is prices just as much as any other festival.

We reached out to the organisers to comment how does the system exactly work (to be updated.)

3rd December | Extrema Noir | Tickets | Ethias Arena Hasselt, Belgium