Firefly Festival – based in the US State of Delaware, will become the world’s first large scale event to be fully fan-curated.

Allowing attendees to select everything from its lineup to food choice, Firefly aims to democratize the festival landscape, bringing its power back to the people, rather than its handful of corporate overlords (sounds familiar?). Already building lineups based on fan given data, Firefly Festival, and its organizers Red Frog Events, has publicly stated:

“We like to think of the festival as a family matter; it is something that we all work on together.”

In three years, Firefly Festival has grown from 30,000 to 90,000 attendees, last year featuring headliners like Florence & the Machine and Kings of Leon. An open format festival, dance acts included Disclosure, M83, and Major Lazer. No idea how this year’s lineup will turn out, but if you want to have your voice heard, VOTE

Source: Noiseporn