‘De School’, that is the name that will be given to the club initiated by some of the former staff of Club Trouw. The information comes from an official statement of the Amsterdam municipality on the issuing of new 24-hour licenses to nightclubs in the city. A disused school building, the former Iedersland, located in the Western part of Amsterdam, is pointed to as the designated location for their new club endeavour. 

The club will be situated in the old bicycle storage area of Iedersland. The space is said to offer entry  to around 500 visitors. The licensing process, and the process to obtain a 24-hour license like Radion and Cruquiusgilde, has yet to be concluded, yet the aim is to officially open by December 1st of this year.

Like Trouw and Club 11, De School will also have a temporary existence, and will be open no longer than five years.

Source: Amsterdam.nl (Dutch)