So, there’s now something called the “Electronic Music Awards & Foundation” Show, which will air on the FOX Network at the end of April.

Specifically, the air date is 23 April, and the venture is a partnership between the Newscorp. subsidiary, TV4 Entertainment and electronic music veteran Paul Oakenfold, which, per its press release, looks to “celebrate the best in electronic music”. The event is marketed as the first electronic music awards show but perhaps it would be more truthful if they added televised in there (Club World Awards, IDMA, etc)

The event’s vague description reads as “show will feature electronic music’s leading artists, creatives, executives and visionaries (to be announced). Among those being honored are the early trailblazers and legends of electronic music, as well as the top-trending acts of today. The show will feature red carpet coverage, awards presentations, interviews and live performances from electronic music’s biggest artists,” with its only specific being that it will be a pre taped affair, going down 10 days earlier at Los Angeles’ SLS Hotel, around a date coinciding with the IMS Engage summit.

Clearly this event is looking to further capitalize on the US markets embracement of electronic music but, it is almost guaranteed the show will feature a who’s who of mainstream EDM (No, I have no basis on this statement but the combination of Los Angeles, Paul Oakenfold, and Newscorp, doesn’t exactly scream underground. PLEASE, prove me wrong). Another factor to watch would be how the show represents the rich and diverse history of electronic music, specifically as they look to honor its trailblazers. Lest they forget, electronic music is HEAVILY steeped in African-American and Gay culture so hopefully the event doesn’t pull an #OSCARSSOWHITE.

Regardless, if you feel so inclined, the event will air 23 April at 8pm EST on the FOX Network. Check out the announcement video below. I’m sure it gives insight into what the wider event will look like as electronic music officially goes primetime (It’s Director Russell Thomas is a veteran of such productions as the EMA Awards and the Katy Perry documentary “Part Of Me”).

To be fair, however, the foundation aspect of the event does sound admirable enough. It’s website describes it as, “[The Foundation] is dedicated to help change the lives of young people in need and shine a light on the next generation of talented DJs, artists, and producers ready to break the mold in electronic music”.