Today we’re very pleased to present you, visitors and fans of DHA, with the BETA VERSION of our brand new Loyalty App. We want to invite you all to download, join in and test this exciting app ahead of its worldwide launch in April. Can’t wait to see it for yourself? Then get started right away by clicking here!

Our new Loyalty App will allow you to keep track of everything that is happening on DHA, like keeping up with the latest news and special features or listening to the latest mixtape.

But what really makes the Loyalty App interesting are the Challenges and Rewards. Here’s how it works: every user of the app can score points by taking part in online challenges. The more challenges you do, the higher your total score will be. The earned points can then be spent in the app on rewards that you have unlocked. These rewards can range from exclusive downloads of mixtapes or tracks, to VIP tickets to clubs and festivals, and from giveaways by the coolest brands to even a fully paid for trip to the most exclusive international events.

The more you visit and use the app, the higher your score and the more rewards you will be able to win.

Become one of our beta testers now by following the button below!