Gourmet Food + Music + “Rave” Gear + Wheels. It seems like the perfect combination, now a group of friends have combined their love of food and beats with a new Kickstarter project guaranteed to satisfy.

Called Electric Dance Munchies (aka “EDM”…get it?) and conceptualised as a traveling food truck, set up with a “state of the art” speaker system, the roving kitchen will also see the musical stylings of one “DJ Fazi Snaxxx” dropping the beats on his Ableton 9 and Launchpad.

But…and there’s more…customers aren’t only going to line up for the latest in tasty treats (more on that below), but the truck will also stock all your party essentials, like LED shirts, sunglasses, rave gloves, and even (potentially) dog treats (no word yet on the active ingredient in those, but the less than subtle homage to Scooby Snacks, may indicate a certain extra tenderness involved).

No word on where the food truck will be stationed, but it seems as though it will originate in Boston, while aiming to bring it’s goods around the country. of these goods, the projected menu includes: Organic Wraps (cold, on a weekly rotating schedule), Pressed Paninis (hot, on a weekly rotating schedule), Healthy and Revitalizing Smoothies, Bagels, and Flavored Coffee.

Funding now on Kickstarter, Electric Dance Munchies seeks to cover half the cost of a functional truck, equipped with solar paneling. For a more in depth look at the project, the animated video below answers all your questions (while possibly raising some more)…