Composed of Tom Noah and Bas van der Laken, Leiden-based duo Formel share their remix of Albin Lee Meldau’s Lou Lou.

While fighting over the last bottle of vodka in a backstage fridge, Tom and Bas struck up a musical friendship that started Formel. The duo debuted in 2013 on Daniel Sanchez’ Bla Bla Records, and then with a follow up on Berlin-based Einmusika Recordings. They went on releasing for labels such as Traum, SincopatHotfingers, Manual Music & Save Room. Out fresh is their Melodikast Podcast – their own monthly podcast series.

Performance wise – they’ve made appearances at renowned festivals such as Barcelona’s Sonar Off Week – Einmusika meets Katermukke, Pleinvrees Heroes (Amsterdam), ADE, Doorgedraaid Festival (Leiden), and Graefenthal (Netherlands). In light of the previously mentioned released podcast, they will make an appearance at Goldfish Outdoor this summer. Alongside that they will release some tracks at Olivier Weiter’s label Weiter, a remix on Manual Music, and a new EP via Tach & Nacht with remixes by Mononoid. 

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