Brodanse, a gang of two producers and founders of the Danse Club Records, shot us up with the very first free download of this year. A loopy tune that packs quite the punch in the kick, this free download is a must grab for Dj’s and house lovers.

Brodanse is a production duo from London, with a knack for house music with a dark aftertaste. How Do You Do It is an excellent example of what these two, who happend to be identical twins, like to cook up in their studio. Their previous musical achievements have been released on labels such as Seaking Records, Elite Records, Fresh Meat and of course on their own label Danse Club Records, a label that is only focused on vinyl releases. On top of their own material, Brodanse’s remix touch has been applied to artists such as  Giraffe, Damien Skelton, Bad Monkeys and Kollektiv TurmstrasseOn top of all this, they have even  collaborated with Groove Armada… Twice. Not too bad for a project started a little over three years ago.

Previous Brodance releases being played by the likes of Joris Voorn, Catz ‘n’ Dogz and Eats Everything, we’re very happy to share your their latest work as a free download. Now go enjoy!


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