The basis of any great partnership is how one complements the other, which in the case of Adriatique, was evident from the outset.

While one had honed his musical chops with House for the US and Detroit Techno, the other dwelled in deep melodies and European techno. In the world of dance music, where producers might spend a few nights DJ’ing and some DJ’s may dabble in producing, their partnership has mastered both while bridging the perspectives of two varied backgrounds bound by the ultimate desire to forge a unique sonic signature and connect with the audience that shares in their deeply held belief that music is meditation. Forging relationships with artists and labels that share in their sensibilities, Adriatique has released on Zurich’s Cityfox, LA’s Culprit, New York’s Wolf & Lamb, London’s Supernature, Canada’s My Favorite Robot and most frequently, Hamburg’s Diynamic.

See also: Mix #154 By Sandrino, DGTL Podcast #009 by Adriatique

Frankey and Sandrino, have been active with electronic music for well over a decade now. While Franky is a schooled musician who had already released a string of LP’s and EP’s, Sandrino started his career in 2003 with a residency at Germany’s Butan Club. The duo of Frankey and Sandrino soon discovered their shared interest in deep and melodic music and started producing together. It didn’t take too long until Four:Twenty Records and Moodmusic picked up their first releases.

Today we have a very special gift for you with a brand new track from Frankey and Sandrino, ‘Lost,’ featuring Adriatique on the remix duties. The atmospheric and steady builder, with a distorted vocal and choppy bassline was planned as part of the ‘Remix EP’ by Frankey and Sandrino, which was released on Drumpoet Community on the 19th of June. The Swiss label, jointly run by Drumpoet and Compost Records, was kind enough to give this banger away for free.

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