It’s free download time! This remix almost got lost into the sands of time after Stranjjur label went suddenly out of business. Luckily for us all, we managed to get it out into the open thanks to Ben Gomori. A mix of New York vibes and basslines with a certain acid-like ring to them, Ben’s remix of the track is a great addition to the cavalcade of remixes of this song.

Ben Gomori is a multi-talent within the music industry. He’s active in production, DJing, and also radio. On top of that, he’s known for curating the Monologues podcast and hosts his own Turned On podcast. Devoting so much of his time to music, Ben has a good perspective into all aspects of it, which is something that can be heard in his works. His original works and remixes have been well-received by DJs.

One thing that has always been of interest to me has been his unique edits. The art of editing is essentially what created house music in the first place, with the grand old men of Chicago chopping up old disco tunes. In this sense, it is a pleasure to hear this tradition live strong in Ben’s work. That is something I for one value greatly.

Don’t get it twisted though, Ben Gomori sounds as current as ever. He’s capable of turning an old disco classic into something that fits todays club environment, and his remixes always dig into the original works to bring forward new sides of them. This applies very well to his remix of Every Day’s Another Night. The remix takes classic elements of house and combines them with the quirkiness of the original tune. The end result is a tune that will surely make you move.

On top of all this, Ben Gomori will be launching his own label Monologues Records on the 26th of January. The first release features a song by the label’s boss himself and a remix by Saytek. The release is already available for pre-order.

Now let’s get to the listening. Enjoy this free download by Ben Gomori.


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