At first glance, Australian producers like many of them stand out through a flamboyant choice of encyclopedic sounds which trademarks their origins. With myriad pieces of paradise in their vicinity, inspiration comes in a relaxed and natural manner as genres like house and disco are predominant, as it is the case of Jad & The Ladyboy.

Jad & The Ladyboy carry his music into a soulful house manner while in the meantime disco as influence is their part-time home. To this date it was unheard of a solo Australian producer to not take part in live band and in the case of Jad, he represents one fourth of the indie-dance band MITZI and he also starts in an Indie Pop band for one of his other side projects called Twiggy Lashes. As Australians craft music out of need for the amazing scenery, at the end of 2012, Jad found himself sweet-talked into releasing his music for a wider audience as Retrofit and Exploited offer him the opportunity.

In the first trimester of 2014 year Jad & The Ladyboy released their first EP onto the German label, Exploited entitled Step In My Direction which sees Lad crafting soul house with the intent of bringing desire to the dance floor. Pretty soon after, with less than three months apart, his second EP entered the Exploited catalog. Only 1 brings some of the Australian disco aura onto the European table as Lad assures dancing quality and good vibes. Be assured that the Ladyboy knows how to make your body dance.

We have the pleasure of giving away one of Jad & The Ladyboy’s tracks as we find ourselves caught in this soulful dub place called Hey Sisters. The track doesn’t miss a thing. From gospel hymns to hovering strings to heartening bass cords, the track has it all. It even sheds some sun into the darkened club.

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