Our next Free Download features an outerworldly remix by Isaac Tichauer. His reinterpretation of Jose Gonzalez’ “This Is How We Walk On The Moon” is a synth-laden production that has you on the edge of your seat all through the track. You might want to strap yourself in before going on this journey.

Bound together with oozing soul and moody bass-lines, Isaac Tichauer’s productions splice together classic and contemporary house concepts. A classically trained pianist and heavily influenced by the Detroit house scene, Isaac orchestrates a deep progressive energy in his music through detailed synth work, melancholy vocals and classic lead elements from Rhodes to strings.

In July 2013, Isaac was signed to FRENCH EXPRESS (USA) and debuted with his critically acclaimed full length album, “Devotion”, a release that gave the world a captivating first glance at Isaac’s production muscle and lengthy infatuation with the genre. A compelling first effort for a person born completely deaf and crafting music with just one working ear.

Continuing his “exploration of classic sounds”, Isaac released his club hit “I Forgive You”, the “Take Over You” EP in May 2013 and most recently “Changes”, a track that amassed millions of online streams and reached new heights, enjoying regular play on BBC Radio One and Triple J Australia.
Now residing in London, Isaac works as a producer full-time, dedicating his time to a host of brand new productions and continuing his celebrated mixtape series.


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