Connaisseur Recordings’ newest signing, the talented Italian fellow Lehar aka Lorenzo Esposito, introduces himself to the label with a fresh take on „Tristesse“, the classic single from 2007 by Kollektiv Turmstrasse, and he has done a great job at it. With respect to the original piece, he has crafted a more organic, analog and techno oriented re-work. It’s free to download if you like it.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s “Tristesse“, together with „Grillen im Park“, was the starting point for the launch of the two Northern German natives into DJ stardom. The success of „Tristesse“ was intensified by a chance video made by fans, with video material taken from „The Firebird Suite“ from Disney’s „Fantasia 2000“. The audio and video fitted so well together that it became a Youtube hit. But sadly after almost 3Mio. views, Youtube took the video down. Still, the video had an massive influence on Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s success and luckily, once again, today it can be found on Youtube.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse played Lehar’s rework during their set at Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam. Since then, there is quite some buzz on this remix. So Connaisseur Recordings and Kollektiv Turmstrasse have kindly decided to exclusively give the track away for free together with us.

Lehar’s upcoming ‘Sargas EP’, including a remix by Mario Basanov, on Connaisseur Recordings will hit stores near the end of September.


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