After a more than impressive debut with SoHaSo 001, Love Over Entropy took up the role of modern day bard with SoHaSo 006, chronicling Tonii’s story for those willing to listen. In case you missed that one, all there is to know is encapsulated in its 12.5 minute timespan: an emotional, ever climbing rollercoaster of longing and joy. Pure melancholy.

If that wasn’t enough, a retelling of the myth came from non other than the mighty Dixon. Rearranging the essential elements of Tonii, he was able to condense and intensify the original, making it a tool for all kinds of dance floor situations.

Tucaroya part 1 sits at the back of that EP, taking things to an even further level of depth. As Love Over Entropy says himself, Tucaroya part 1 is ‘’dedicated to the little things that make up a human life.’’ Now, we present a very special FREE DOWNLOAD featuring the continuation of the Tucaroya narrative with Tucaroya part 2.  This time around, Love Over Entropy kick up bpm’s a bit, with a steadily rising, synthy number, seemingly tailer made for the warehouse, as well as the main stage.

Free Download

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