Nick Devon is an Athens based DJ/producer whose involvement with electronic music has spanned more than two decades.

After dabbling in drum & bass and trance, it was 2010 when he officially launched his solo project and from this point forward, started producing sounds and music that shook the dance floor, yet bestowed captivating melodies and emotional soundscapes, allowing people to create their own story within his productions. Ever since then, Nick’s career swiftly evolved and 2015 was his most successful year to date with two huge EP’s titled “The Poem” and “Cosmos”. His remix on Innellea – Colante quickly followed in 2016 and with all three EP’s released on Steyoyoke Recordings, it clearly affirmed just why he is considered a core member of this Berlin based collective.

Now, Nick returns to Steyoyoke with his “Adrasteia” EP, of which we premiere the title track.

“Adrasteia” is available 12 September on Steyoyoke Recordings

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