Here’s a treat for all you beginning producers out there that haven’t got the odd +/- 3.000 euros lying around for a Roland classic, but still want to make fat beats that sound like the real deal. The good people at Liveschool and Studios 301 got together late one night to record a Roland TR-808 drum machine through the $30,000 Fairchild 670 compressor.

This happened around a year ago and the result was a collection of some of the best and qualitatively outstanding TR-808 samples out there. Although the samples were intended for the guys’ personal use, they soon decided that it would be even better to share it with the rest of the world. Their work didn’t stop there however, since they steadily started releasing other sample packs from other signature drum computers that have put their stamp on the dance music industry.

After a full year the decision was made to improve the sample pack through a new recording session. This type they’ve incorporated every drum instrument from the drum-machine (even the cowbell that wasn’t present in the first release). Grab your copy of this free sample pack and get to work!

Free Download Here