This newest Edit/Remix we present to you today is a 2011 remix by MANIK, which he made for the Australian R&B Band “Diafrix”. MANIK has been one of our favorites ever since he dropped his first album about 2 years ago. From that moment we follow this musical genius and he surprises us every time. As young as he is he delivers very talented music and and much more is to come from him. We are very honored to release this beautiful remix for FREE!

It was his first ever official remix, even though never released,  for an indie/pop/urban project. The original mix of the song gained a lot of attention in 2011 and hit the iTunes top 10 charts in both the UK and Australia. This remix was used for Radio only purposes but since today you are able to get your copy! For this download there is no need to like anything, but we would appreciate it that ‘when you like’ this edit please ‘LIKE M A N I K his fb page and give him a ‘follow’ on SC. Of course we would appreciate your LIKE on our Deep House Amsterdam page as well.

Over the next few months you can expect a new EP by MANIK and Maxxi Soundsystem to drop on the highly appreciated label Black Butter Records and also a new EP is soon to be expected from his newest project called Shadow Lanes, which is his band project alongside his studio neighbor.