Soul Clap describe him as the “best disco DJ in the world.” Gilles Peterson called him the “edit king of 2011.” And BBE has crowned him the “king of digging.” His re-works of classic disco tunes are some of the most inventive around. KON has access to some of the most sought-after recording sessions of all time that allow him to pull apart the musical parts and re-imagine them to his own liking.

Despite his association with disco, Kon’s purview is much broader than a single genre. He’s been a mainstay of Boston’s hip-hop scene since the early ’90s, and has recently started making waves in the world of house with a release on Soul Clap’s label and an album on BBE that aims to showcase his far-reaching style.

This edit is from an original of the 80’s group called Metaphor. The original sounds like.. shit? But add a KON layer and it makes you dance all day. We met him in Studio 80 a little while back where he played at the weekly wednesday night Black Box. Music lovers came from all over and people that weren’t familiar with his sound even grooved all over the place.

Fun fact: When Soul Clap wasn’t Soul Clap yet, they used to open for KON.

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