Over the past few months Tuff City Kids have been in and around our house – remember Daniel Bortz – Pictures remix- and since then they’ve stuck to us like bread on butter, and we can’t get enough jam to take them off. Janson’s & Laurer’s artistically approach towards music has been more or less part of a fun and games while remixing track for their friends which got magically released. Their remix work was released on labels such as Bpitch Control, Visionquest, Crosstown Rebles and Cocoon Recording amongst many others. With time, fun & games turned into a burning desire for creating their own original material and in 2012, they’ve released their first EP on the colossal Ostgut house label Unterton.

The Dub remix that’s presented before your eyes and ears has been released on Junkdog Records. The label is owned by non-other than the founding members of the late 90’s electronica band Faithless. To this date, one of their first tracks,Insomnia, withholds a milestone in dance music and can be considered the breaking point into the masses. Sister Bliss’s latest track brings around Janne Schra in creating Dancing Home. It follows the same rave like patters as we were used to back in 1996, with downward cords, inducing a state of trance and freedom. All we’re missing is the whistles and the acid smiley face.

The Tuff City Kids Remix – the Dub version- breaks away from the original into a diced and powdered disco like buoyant from which it’s hard to step back. It’s mellow, relaxing and acts towards your brain like an aphrodisiac. The track takes river and grass like shaped and it makes your mind wonder into a void that’s as pleasing as… well you fill in the blanks.

We’ll let you relax and sit back on your chair for this pleasuring dub ride until and keep the repeat button on pending you’re return from you “trip”