Growing up, Ulf Bonde played piano and eventually attended music high school. While attending University in California, he got captivated by LA’s underground scene. Somewhere along the way he met Justin Jay and, well we’ll let Justin take it from here:

I met Ulf Bonde in college on move-in-day. He was the cool, good looking, but slightly awkward dude from Sweden who liked Dance Music and happened to live down the hall from me in my freshman dorm. Obviously we clicked and became friends.


Ulf made this ep 2 years ago while we were living together during our Junior year. He had just gotten out of an intense music industry experience where he felt really pressured and restricted creatively. Ulf arrived at the conclusion that he wasn’t going to pursue a career in music anymore. This made me really sad :'(


However, Ulf remembers how something magical happened, “I started making music, purely for the joy of making music. I made these songs for myself. I didn’t think they were gonna be heard by anyone else. I wouldn’t have used the sample in ‘Brother Pina’. I wouldn’t have written the silly lyrics or sang in falsetto on ‘Done.'”


So yeah, this EP is straight from the heart. It’s about fun and joy in their purest forms. Which is pretty cool cuz Ulf is one of the brainiest, smartest dudes I know (he has a double major in computer science & physics).


For me, the title track, “Brother Pina” in many ways has been my inspiration for starting Fantastic Voyage the label. Over the years, I tried sending the song out to many of my favorite Dj’s on Ulf’s behalf and many felt that it wasn’t serious enough for them to release. I don’t believe that a song needs to be serious for it to be cool and substantive. Ulf is a big fan of making serious music as well (he’s making lots of really cool minimal stuff), but we agree that no matter what kind of music you’re working on, having fun is key!

I love this EP so much and I fricken love ULF

“Brother Pina” is NOW AVAILABLE on Fantastic Voyage: The Label. BUY

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