Few artist are as mysterious as Aparde, who namely let’s his music do the talking. His forthcoming release on Stil Vor Talent, titled Loom, is a great way to get to know a man of such few words. With dubby chords, the title track of the EP sounds like 4/4 hypnosis. 

Matching Berlin’s steel grey winter sky, Aparde’s cinematic electronica is of a moody yet moving quality. The Berlin based producer and live act kicks off the new year on Stil vor Talent with his ‘Loom’ EP, a stunning four tracker from which out full premiere is also taken from. The first track of the release ,’Equal’ establishes itself with emotive pads and growling bass, while on ‘Loom’ hopeful dub chords glide through a dense beat structure. ‘Urge’, meanwhile, focuses on a swelling trance lead to great effect. Lastly, ‘Cover’ combines a softly pulsating beat with longing vocals. All of the tracks are soon up for grabs on an outlet of your choice, as the EP will be released on the 30th of January.

Aparde is really kicking off the year in a great way. With stunning releases like this, we’re sure that lots more will be heard of this artist.

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