Jamaica meets Baltimore in this first in a series of collaborations between David Marston and Life on Planets, the LOP duo linked up with Marston after finding common ground in their music philosophy. This first single titled Treegossip is an instrumental track that combines a minimal and elegant guitar melody with electronic bass and disco drums leaning towards a more 80s vibe; a departure from Life on Planets largely vocal productions.

By catching the ear of a few top curators in places like Egypt, Russia, & Japan, they developed a strong touring reputation for their captivating live performances. LOP is composed of two key members; Phill is the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Patrick the taste-making producer/DJ. Both are musicians, co-writers, and arts activists committed to a holistic approach to music culture. Together, their material embodies the essence of the challenger, the dreamer, that which re-affirms our belief in the impossible. It was a bold proposition to introduce a contemplative narrative to underground pop music, or to re-define the way millennials think about disco, but Life on Planets has become the eminent group of a new movement that has done just that.

Treegossip will be released October 26th on Better On Foot records. 

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