The release date of HVOB’s next album ‘Trialog’ is moving closer, now the electronica duo shortens the wait with a new double A-side: ‘Azrael/Ghost’, dropping on March 20. Check out Wolf + Lamb’s Pillow Talk remix of Azrael here.

‘Azrael’ and ‘Ghost’ form the two original tracks on HVOB’s sixth EP. Not only do they offer an acoustic and conceptual taste of this spring’s HVOB album, they are, moreover, accompanied by two remixes by Pillow Talk from San Francisco (Wolf + Lamb, Life And Death) apply their sound to the pulsating and percussive arc of suspense that is album-opener ‘Azrael’, while The Field from Stockholm (Kompakt, Warp Records) dive into the ethereal fragility of ‘Ghost’.

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HVOB‘s second album ‘Trialog’ is an interdisciplinary art project, comprising a discourse between the disciplines of sound, video and installation, realised by HVOB, the VJs licherloh and the contemporary artist Clemens Wolf. The theme centres on ten ubiquitous physical processes, which are being documented and interpreted interactively on three artistic levels; via Clemens Wolf’s orchestrated processes, the lyrics and sounds of HVOB’s tracks, and the visuals by VJs lichterloh: Tearing, mixing, bursting, melting, oxidising, breaking, imploding, etching, bending, burning, track to video, video to artwork, artwork to track. ‘Trialog’ will be released on April 17.

‘Azrael/Ghost’ will be released on March 20 as a double-A vinyl and digitally on Stil vor Talent.

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