Back on Crosstown Rebels after the barnstorming ‘Heartbreaker’ EP at the end of last year, Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke once again shows he’s a dancer at heart and a truly versatile beat maker. His latest work kicks off with another killer A-side, ‘Candy Flip’. Kele builds an infectious track as he works a dirty low bassline with his own deep gravelly vocals. Press play and  hear it in full.

From the propulsive rhythm sections of Bloc Party’s Platinum-selling debut album ‘Silent Alarm’  to guest vocals for artists like The Chemical Brothers, dance music has always been the underlying influence for Kele Okereke. Having spent ten years making records in studios working with some of the greatest producers in the world, Kele is now launching his solo assault on house music and leaving a distinctive mark in the process on new home label Crosstown Rebels. With the ‘Heartbreaker EP’ gaining critical acclaim across the board and ‘Candy Flip’ about to win over yet more dancefloors, Kele’s new sound is no flash in the pan. There are more EPs in the pipeline for Crosstown as well as DJ dates all over the world, so watch this guy for he is up to great things.

The single will be dropped on the 14th of April.

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