This Sunday sees a full premiere by The Drifter. This deep remix portrays The Drifters current sound perfectly. Navigating in between house, electronica and ambient, the tune is a slowly building hypnosis. Carefully crafted as ever, it is definitely worth a listen, followed by another, then a third one and so on…

The Drifter is Mark Flynn, an Irish producer, DJ and singer. After an upbringing dabbling in different musical pursuits, from bands and choirs to folk and traditional, a love for electronic music was born from ventures into Dublin’s nightlife. A move to Berlin ensued soon after.

Out on SoHaSo, the remix that The Drifter has put together of the Kurt Baggaley original Former Self  is a deep and intoxicating cut. Released on the catalogue number SoHaSo 005, this track will surely be heard throughout the soundsystems of Europe during the next few months.

After playing one of the most memorable nights of BPM, at least according to our festival reports, we’re thrilled to feature this remix by The Drifter as a full premiere.

The track will be out on SoHaSo on February 2nd, with a limited 300 copies on vinyl. Digital will be on Beatport on the 16th of February.

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