Talking the conjunctional studio joint of Martin Landsky and Marco Resmann entitled ‘Lava’, now released under their new collaboration project ‘Landsky & Resmann’, this single is one that has been overdue for quite a while and for a reason. A reason and shared history that essentially helped to shape and add momentum to Marco Resmann’s career at an early stage a good 13 years ago when he wasn’t even known under his real name but used the artistic alias Phage DJ- and production-wise.

It was back in the early noughties when Marco Resmann sent out a demo to Martin Landsky and his former label Intim Recordings. The ensuing ‘Volkspark EP’, would be his first ever single release that became the output number 009 on Intim Recordings back in 2002 and more or less the foundation on which Marco’s production career was built. Now, after all these years in which Martin Landsky became one of the mainstays in the Poker Flat Recordings-family after folding his own imprint whilst Marco Resmann built a huge reputation on the international DJ-circuit and co-founded Upon.You Records, they finally teamed up in the studio for „Lava“, a single piece as timeless and essential as it can get.

You can check out the entire second track of the cut, ‘Lava 2’ below. The production sports a dry, wild pitch and Chicago-related feel. Press play to find out how Landsky & Resmann sound like.

‘Lava’ is out on February 23 on Upon You Records.

Marco ResmannMartin Landsky