M ​A N I K ​has become one of Culprit LA’s imprint’s signature artists and the one whose growth as a producer closely mirrored the label’s own rise. A New York native, M ​A N I K ​has become even closer to Culprit ​in 2014 – physically, by moving to its home base of Los Angeles.

The M A N I K discography boasts music releases on the worlds best underground imprints like Ovum, Poker Flat, and Hot Creations. House, Funk, Deep House, Disco, Acid, Electronica; however, you’d still fail to get to the meaning of MANIK.

His upcoming EP “N​ightfall”​ is an analogue house cut. The original boasts a solid bass line, emotive vocal work and intense percussion. The remix comes courtesy of one of UK’s young rising production stars, T​hermalBear,​ best known for his releases on S​asha’​s Last Night on Earth label. His smooth yet bass­-heavy rework is primed for maximum dancefloor action. “J​erry Park”​is a warm lighter take on the analogue sonic template.

Nightfall EP will be released on Culprit LA, March 2nd.

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