“Have you ever been mistreated by someone you love?” asks a clean smooth Afro-American voice in this uplifting, feel-good tune ‘Mistreated’, to which we are going to give a pedestal this Friday afternoon in our Premier section, besides totally grooving to it’s jazzy harmonica tunes at the moment of writing.

One of the men behind it, is the author of an eye flashing, bright-coloured, incredibly angled real life stills, which his Instagram profile is filled with. In the dance music industry, he is recognized by the name Mark Farina. I could not go on but mention, since this already another collaboration between this old-school San Franciscoan legend and his likeminded Homero Espinosa, came out really well, should come as no surprise.

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The prior one, called ‘Work.Groove/Work-A-Pella’, is a piece of house music in Adagio with a spice of funk, which, as can be noticed, is the typical sound of this collaboration. Talking about it, the styles of each of the men are so similar, one could not name what could be assigned as an influence of either. Both of them are from San Francisco and both are, one could call, veteran DJ’s. The track is released under the label of Homero himself, who mentioned having admiring Mark’s work for a long time. That comes with no surprise since Mark Farina has been there for a while and is quite defined in his unique style of mixing Jazz, Downtempo and House.

A little bird told me there is more to come from this duo and with no doubt we will be looking forward to it. And I mean, really, Mark Farina, I am starting to follow your Instagram profile right. NOW.

Soundcloud – Mark Farina Artist Page – Mark Farina Soundcloud – Homero Espinosa Artist Page – Homero Espinosa