It’s probably hard to imagine how the non-stop touring duo Mat.Joe balances that busy gig-schedule and their incessantly prolific studio work, but they keep doing it the right way and proof of that is their new work here that comes in the form of five effective dancefloor-oriented house tracks. This latest effort of the twosome is out on the never disappointing OFF Recordings.

Matze and Johannes (Mat.Joe) met back in 2006 in their hometown Hannover, where a shared passion for skateboarding, breakdance and hip-hop brought them together. This musical connection created ‘Twomaniacs’, their first collaboration, which focused on hip-hop productions for independent artists. It wasn’t long before they both moved to Berlin and started to produce house music. Crispy beats with warm bass lines, soothing vocals and added elements of hip-hop and soul is what really defines their sound. It all started for them after the release of their hit single Heart To Find, which led to international bookings and notoriety of Mat.Joe in the scene.

In “Growing Up”, Mat.Joe make room for a more romantic house vibe, with epic chords and a feel good atmosphere of vocals and synths over a shuffle house beat. Last comes “The Soul Inside” with a more classic perspective and a bit of a west coast house turn, this one truly blends funk and soul using amazing disco samples into a future anthem guaranteed to make crowds smile.

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