This weeks full premiere is provided by Brighton’s very own Maxxi Soundsystem. His Fading Thought (Original Mix) will be released as a part of the Medicine EP, which is the 50th EP release by Culprit. Out on February 2nd this tune gives us a glimpse of how 2015 will sound in Maxxi Soundsystems productions.

Maxxi Soundsystem is a name that we’ve all grown to love. Maxxi emerged in 2010, and has since proven to be worth all the attention. He is known as an agile DJ and as a very capable producer. Having already released on labels such as Hypercolour, Wolf Music, Southern Fried and Nurvous, his latest prductions will be released on the 2nd of February by the magnificent label, Culprit. This set of three songs is a great way to celebrate, as it happens to be the 50th EP that Culprit has put out.

Maxxi is known for a certain amount of eclectic vibes in his tunes. His productions always manage to surprise in every turn and the soundscapes are very much ahead of the curve every time. His live sets, some of which can be found of various internet sources, prove that Maxxi Soundsystem is a definitive dancefloor filler. Maxxi Soundsystme is known for making people move every step of the way, something which can also be heard from his productions. Fading Thought is a great example of this, as it progresses through many uplifting moments that surely will cause emotions to rise on the dancefloors.

Maxxi Soundsystem, we salute you!

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