Munk’s latest album ‘Chanson 3000’ has been out for a couple of months. Its initial success has called for a re-take on some of the tracks. To get the balance of age Mr.Munk also asked the two kids from COEO to remix ‘Cartoon’.

Munk, „Germany’s most interesting electronic music label“, as London’s The NME recently called the eclectic German music imprint, is the project of Gomma records founder Mathias Modica. Besides having released three of their own albums as Munk and Munk-collaborations with artists such as Rebolledo from Pachanga Boys (Surf Smurf), James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (Kick out the chairs), Italian actress and director Asia Argento (Live Fast Die Old), Canadian singer Peaches and British producer Daniel Avery.

Mathias released his latest Munk album ‘Chanson 3000’ in November 2014. On the album, he experimented with new forms of electronic pop music – working with two young vocalists he met in his current hometown Berlin: London born perfomer Mona Lazette (who also works under the name of Mama and released an album with Technoproducer Argy) and Lizzy Paige – a 22 year old singer from Austin/ Texas. Together they recorded eleven songs that have been described as a fusion of styles from experimental disco to 90’s electronica and edgy pop music.

Remixers COEO recently had a hit on Toy Tonics records – occupying no.1 on the Traxsource sales charts for over eight weeks with their hit Natural Riddim. They also got voted by Tracksource as one of the 10 most importan upcoming deep house artists for 2015.

Check out their interpretation of Cartoon here.