Inside this classically handsome, talented, and gregarious Nick Monaco exists a shy, awkward soul. But this introverted interior is the catalyst behind the upward trajectory of his career, which currently includes an impressive back catalogue of inventive, genre defying club jams, a hectic tour schedule as a member of Crew Love, an accomplished debut album Mating Call and a captivating live show, which truly lays bare his vulnerable inner self with every performance. 

Highlights from Nick Monaco’s debut album return revamped and even funkier on two EPs of Mating Call Remixes. On part 1 Soul Clap, Miami Mr Nice Guy Jesse Perez, Milan’s own Lele Sachi, KCRW’s Jeremy Sole, and on part 2 Wolf + Lamb, Eric Kupper & Kenny Summit, Midnight Magic and Jack Priest contribute moments in House, Electro, Disco and Dub based on Monaco’s incredibly catchy vocals.

Here, we present an Exclusive premiere of House maestro’s Wolf + Lamb’s remix of She’s Got That Fire. A discofied version of the thumping original, Brooklyn’s favorite duo maintain their top studio form while staying true to the catchy original.

Mating Call Remixes (Part 2) is available 27 April 2015 on Soul Clap Records

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