Kittball favourite Paji returns to the German label once more this June for another well-crafted piece of house.

Pajwan Faroch aka Paji, born 1986 in Cologne, discovered his passion for music in all its facets already in the age of 5. Since then he has learned playing different traditional instruments but alongside percussions the violin quickly became his favourite instrument. Already as a teenager he discovered his talent for combining different styles of music with each other. The fusion of different musical genres lead to the special Paji sound which is improvised, miscellaneous, individual, different.  

Nowadays he creates inimitable club arrangements and cooperates continuously with various artists like for example Tube & Berger and Basti Grub in the music scene in order to realize innovative projects. This creative spirit led to appearances on Tomorrowland, Fete de La Musique, Bora Bora, Tresor as well as the lauded Kittball Croatia residencies and rooftop parties.

In his latest release since January’s ‘The Old Gods’ EP on Kittball the artist steps away from the string-driven sound of his previous work with two strictly electronic tracks. Today we are premiering the title track of his newest ‘Opus7’ EP for you. After an epic two minute intro the track turns into a deep bass driven groove while still showcasing Paji’s classical music training.

‘Opus7’ is available 7 July on Kittball

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