Todays premiere is the remix of Belgium collaboration Stavroz for the title track of Talal & Zoi’s ‘Misunderstood’ EP on Moodfamily.

Hailing from Pakistan, Talal & Zoi is a collaboration between two cousins that’s been making waves in their new hometown of Toronto and beyond. With their affinity for the deep and melodic they emerged on such labels as Traum, Dirtybird, Thoughtless Music and Rawthentic. This time they’re releasing another slow burner on Moodfamily.

The title track introduces the EP with bluesy vocals sustained by a steady, near machine-like groove. A high-pitched synth lead breaks the darkness and brings a more melancholic colour to the arrangement. Their affinity for the deep and melodic shows again on ‘Indigo’, where they set out their ethereal synths to an exciting arrangement.

Our premiere is the remix of the title track by Belgium collective Stavroz. The four friends started making music with each one of them having his own approach to making music. The group shouldn’t be specified in a single genre as they often incorporate sounds often left out in electronic music. After releases on Délicieuse Records, Wired, Atmosphere Records, Kindisch and Moodfamily and live shows and DJ sets around the world the group has established themselves currently in the universe of deep and club. Their take on the title track is a slower and more subtle one than the original, which makes this track even deeper.

Misunderstood EP will be released 16 July

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