AUS Music continue on form in the follow up from their releases with Youandewan and their new addition Escape with a 4­tracker from label favourite Tom Demac who aligns his arsenal of hardware and readies a pack of rattling club tracks peppered with armoured kicks and luminescent textures.

Throughout his releases on Hypercolour, Morris Audio, Murmur and Liebe*Detail Tom has never one to tether himself to any single style and as a producer, is never adverse to a challenge. His back catalogue evinces a broad ambit and showcases his knack for filtering myriad influences into a constantly evolving sound.

His latest offering: the ‘Smoke Stained Ivories’ EP carries forth the power present in his anthology as it spans a variety of moods and textures that are propelled by his tough, thrumming percussion and sportive synth work.

The ‘Smoke Stained Ivories’ EP will be released on the 16th of March on AUS Music. 

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