The full premiere of today is a remix by none other than Edu Imbernon. Twisting the WhoMadeWho original from a slower electronica tune into a a faster, yet subtly ambient house track, Edu Imbernon manages to capture the mood of the original by using the guitar riffs in just the right places. Teasing with the vocals until about halfway of the song before letting the lyrics truly kick in, this remix has proved to be one of those songs that you just have to listen to on repeat for days.

Edu Imbernon has had quite the run during the last few years. Having released on labels such as John Digweed‘s BedrockCulprit, Suara, and Get Physical, his skills have taken him to nearly all corners of the globe to perform. His capabilities both as a producer and a DJ make him an actively gigging man as well as a sought after remixer. Actually, Edu Imbernon reached both our Top 10 Mixes and Top 10 Premieres lists of 2014, an achievement no other act was able to reach. This Valencian powerhouse seems virtually unstoppable, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Taken from the WhoMadeWho Remix EP out on Click Records on the 27th of January, this remix by Edu Imbernon is also accompanied by a remix of WhoMadeWho’s Traces by Agents of Time on the flipside.

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