Our friends at The Gardens of Babylon are an Amsterdam-based, yet a global family, who co create mystical nights throughout Europe and now have announced their first foray off continent.

Touching down in Mexico City on 3 March, The Gardens of Babylon have put together a line up that is on par with any of their sold out European events. Hosting both Mexican talent and internationally renowned names, The Gardens of Babylon bring the main man of Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Behrouz, as well as the talented live act Monolink. Also on hand will be the sublime Concret and the local sounds of Mandrake and The Soul Brothers, as well as a very special opening concert performance from Mexican Sitar maestro Sidartha Siliceo.

The festivities go down at Mexico City’s LooLoo. Located in the heart of the city, this once residential 17th Century house is now a high ceiling, concrete house club sporting a funktion one soundsystem and amazing laser installation. LooLoo will be the perfect place to wander through all the secrets of The Gardens of Babylon!

Stay tuned for The Gardens of Babylon Istanbul (21 April) as the family continues to expand, as well as its massive THREE DAY/NIGHT summer festival (27 – 29 July).

3 March | The Gardens of Babylon Mexico City | Tickets | LooLoo, MX

Featured Image: Kaik Photography