With the fist event coming up just this week, Google is launching its own music festival, describing it as the “first-of-its-kind livestream festival”, called GOODFest. The big G names the goal festival bringing together “music, community and tchnology”. GOODFest will be aimed at raising money for 5 different non-profits working on 5 causes through tickets and online fundraiser aaaaand to promote Google’s new phone Pixel.

In a PR statement, Google presented the festival as:

“GOODFest is a celebration of progress, positivity, and the power of people to push the world forward. In five livestreamed shows, we’re bringing together music, community, and technology to raise funds and connect people in the name of good.”

The festival will be combined of 5 independent events in five separate cities across the US, including New York City (supporting Generosity), New Orleans (supporting Humanity), Seattle (supporting Earth), San Francisco (supporting Equality) and Los Angeles (playing for Love).

New York City will be the first location to kick-off the series of GOODFest events with the synth-pop/ Indie band Glass Animals performing at the BAM Café on Tuesday, 29th Nov, followed by a concert by Gogol Bordello in New Orleans, 9th December.

It all would be really beautiful, however it still springs a doubt whether promoting a product through the cause of a charity is even an act of charity, specially when it is done by one of the planet’s wealthiest and most influential companies.