As soon as Blame Game starts, it becomes clear that Hot Creations has enlisted another promising producer. Being a trained artist, Greg Pidcock paid a lot of attention to the sound design in his track. ”Blame Game” embodies a slow-running, deep groove backed up by white-noised vocals. At first it might seem it’s sole purpose is to get the night started, but looks can be deceiving: a couple minutes before the end the track builds up a decent amount of tension which is followed by an even better release. This track is meant to be played in full, that’s for sure.

The Hobo remixes each hold their own approach to the original. The ”Hobo Named” mix retains it’s energy throughout the entire track. The soaring high-pitched synthesizer is all over the place and in the course of events gets accompanied by a more melodical tone. It’s a bit mad and spacey, like someone’s had a mental breakdown whilst pressing the keys. In all a very fresh approach to deephouse indeed.

The ”Hobo Shamed” remix has more groove than it’s brother and –  in order to achieve this – has sacrificed a little bit of the weird spacy synths. The train-like flute on the background – even though it’s a bit repetitive – could be something used by KiNK and is very catchy. It may not be as extraordinary as the other two tracks on this EP, but a good track to keep the vibe locked in nonetheless.

Greg will release an album on Hot Creations later this year. I can only say that his introduction to the label is a very proper one and I think that with this release he has popped up on the radar of many. Hopefully he’ll be able to set the scores even higher with his next dose of tracks!